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  We offer ground floor consulting rooms, parking and a specialised children's clinic to help you and your children

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COVID-19 Update

19th July 2021 Onwards

On consulting with the relevant public bodies and in line with other health care providers our current infection control measures will remain in force.

Please wear a face covering on entering the building, use the patient sanitising station and give other patients and staff space.

Please do not arrive early for your appointments we aim to direct you into your consultancy room rather than have people mingling in the waiting area.

Thank you for your continued patience and compliance with our infection control measures

Keep safe, keep well.
from all the staff at Stowmarket Osteopaths.

About the Practice

Telephone 01449 613633

15-17 Childer Road, Stowmarket, IP14 1PP
Violet Hill Road GP Practice, Stowmarket,

Celebrating 30 years

The Childer Road Osteopathic Practice was established 30 years ago and has grown and developed to meet the complementary osteopathic needs of the communities of Stowmarket and Suffolk.

About 10% of patients travel over 20 miles to the practice, 40% travel over 10 miles to consult us whilst 50% of our patients are within 10 miles of the practice.

Working alongside your Doctor

Though we have always worked with local GP practices the opportunity arose in June 2003 to strengthen our established links with one of the local GP practices. We are sure that this will serve to improve our care of you. This drive to improve your care has been enhanced by moving part of our practice operation to the new StowHealth GP practice at Violet Hill House.

Meeting your needs for coordinated integrated health care to promote your well-being

  • Continuing our long record of care for patients with neck, back, joint and muscle pain.
  • Running our specialist Wednesday clinic for infants and children, which has grown dramatically since it was established 12 years ago, attracting specialist osteopaths to our team from Colchester, Ipswich and Woodbridge.
  • Working with specialist functional dentists and voice therapists for the integrated care of patients with jaw, headache, migraine and sinus problems.
  • Continuing to sponsor Stow Rugby Club and improving our care of sports injury problems.
  • Establishing links with MSDC sports centre and providing advice for your rehabilitation.
  • Working with local Homeopathic and Acupuncture practitioners to enhance the care of people with problems from IBS to Asthma, as well as care during pregnancy and for children.
  • Developing mutual referral with local Chiropodists and Podiatrists for the enhanced care and management of foot, ankle and knee problems in our patients.