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  We offer ground floor consulting rooms, parking and a specialised children's clinic to help you and your children

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  Our People

Stowmarket Osteopaths is a group practice of osteopathic practitioners who are professionally and fully clinically trained to maintain high standards of osteopathy and professional excellence.

They are continually developing and enhancing their skills through further postgraduate training and clinical teaching.

All Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council that was established under the Osteopaths Act (1993) to regulate Osteopathy in the UK.

The Osteopathic Team:

Tim Oxbrow BSc(Hons), DO(Hons), FRSH
Clare Farleigh RGN, BSc(Ost)
Simon LeVien BSc(Ost)
Karen Farrant BSc(Hons), DO
Craig Cordiner BSc(Hons) Ost
Karen Long B.Ost
Kimonie Sturgeon BSc(Hons), M.Ost
Luke Johnson M.Ost
Mags Milan BSc(Hons), M.Ost
Freddy Weller BSc(Hons),M.Ost
Katy Stone M.Ost
Jacky Wright DO

The Reception, Secretarial & Housekeeping:

Eileen, Hilary, Ann & Beverley.
Sue & Katrina